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In this section you can review all messages that appeared on the main page.
This is also a kind of "history" of this website.

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I worked on the links-page. There are two additional topics (music and fantasy), and some new links. Give them a try!


Christmas is gone, a new year is waiting... no matter if this is just another new year for you or another millenium: Happy new year with the new pic of the week!


...und weil ich's auf Deutsch einfach besser kann: Einen guten Rutsch euch allen, kommt gut rüber, fahrt nicht besoffen Auto und habt einfach eine Menge Spaß! Ach ja, und besucht mal ab und zu diese Website... :-) BTW, dies ist eine prima Gelegenheit, um sich ins Gästebuch einzutragen! Dankeschön.


I transferred this site to a new (and much more memorable :-) domain: Please update your bookmarks and any links to my site. Thank you.


Yes, even on Hoth there's christmas. See Santa Yoda bring some presents in the new picture of the week. :-)


STAR WARS-Reference in "Age of Empires II - Age of Kings": While playing the Saladin-Campaign, in the third mission (Jerusalem under siege), if a turret is destroyed, you can hear someone say: "If you'll strike me down now, I'll become more powerful than you can possibly imagine" - a nice reference to the SW-universe and a big laugh. Cheers to Ensemble Studios for that one! :-D


There's a new pic of the week: "Deadlock" by Larry Elmore.


Made some minor changes (added two links to the links-page, a link was wrong, changed some obsolete statements in the "about"-section).


It's Sunday! That means, there's a new pic of the week. It's the cover of a SW-comic book called "Crimson Empire", painted by Dave Dorman (the cover, not the comic :-).


My guestbook is available now! Please do not complain about "not much content on this site", I'm already working on the main section, but it will take some time to finish it. :-) Hopefully I will be able to open this section before the new millenium... Any other comments are welcome, for sure.


Yes! I had enough stuff to open up the Picture archive! You can find every "Picture of the week" I ever released in this section, sorted in three categories - Star Wars, fantasy and miscellaneous pictures. At last - some content... *g*


Lego-Luke is gone! There's a new fantasy picture called "Moonlight's Curse". Enjoy!

Die Bilder vom Düsseldorfer StarWars-Dinner sind jetzt online!


Die restlichen Göppingen-Fotos von Margo sind online, zusammen mit den paar Bildern vom StarWars-Dinner in Köln. Die Bilder vom Düsseldorfer Dinner folgen am Wochenende.

I didn't find the time to put up a new pic of the week last weekend, that's why there's still that Lego-Luke. A new picture is coming up this sunday.


There's a new picture of the week - something funny this time. Click on the picture to get some background information (and a larger image).


Es gibt neue Göppingen-Fotos! Dieses Mal die von Margo. Die "alten" Bilder (von mir) gibt es natürlich auch noch.


A new picture of the week, taken from the SW-universe again. It's a painting by Hugh Fleming, showing Nomi Sunrider (from "Tales of the Jedi")


Göppingen-Update: Neue Fotos (von Margo) kommen gegen Mitte der Woche!


Fotos von der StarWars-Party in Göppingen gibt's hier! (Sorry, this special is available in german only)


A new fantasy-picture for you - "The Gift", painted by Keith Parkinson. Darth Maul is gone, but he will return in the pics archive - if I'll ever get this finished... :-/


The Links-section is now online. Happy surfin'! :-)


Well, some of you may have noticed that I had some trouble putting up this week's "picture of the week". That's because my webspace-provider changed my FTP-password without noticing me. :-P I finally tried an old password - and here I am. Argh! D'oh! :-)


A picture for all those Darth Maul lovers is the new pic of the week. Sorry for the delay in creating the promised sections, but there where just too many mails (and meetings) from that cool german mailing list - Star Wars List Germany. I hope I'll find some time this week to finish at least the links section. Please check back!


The new picture of the week is called "Crystal Dragon". Enjoy!


I decided to put the new navigation bar on the main page (this page) too - some people may not find all the links "hidden" in the image above. I also added a new counter, starting at 0 again. This counter ignores my own visits and thus should be more accurate. To keep loading times low, I opened a new section named news archive. Earlier messages can be found there. I'm working on the layout of the links-page, this section should be available during the next week. Still lots of work ahead... :-)


Enhanced in-site-navigation. You don't have to go back to the homepage in order to navigate to another section now.


Guess what - I added a new picture of the week! :-) It's a concept drawing of Princess Leia's hairstyle on Endor. As usual, click on the picture to get the large version. I also added a nice "starfield"-background to enhance the site's visual impression.


Added a new picture of the week - it's the title of a german catalouge. I think it's pretty funny - if you don't share my opinion, you can at least enjoy that nice kitten... :-) Be sure to check out the enlarged version (click on the pic).


Added a new picture of the week - "Obi-Wan Kenobi" by Dave Dorman. Click on the pic to enlarge.

Opened a new section: "About this site". A description of all available sections, site philosophy and technical requirements can be found there. Later this week, I'll add some information about me, the author of these pages.


Winds of Hoth is launched! Although there still is a lot to do, I decided to release "Winds of Hoth". At this moment, there's only one section available - the pic of the week. As the name suggests, there will be a new astonishing or interesting picture every week. Most of them will cover fantasy or science-fiction themes, but there may be other topics as well. Click on the picture to get a large version that you can, for example, use as a desktop wallpaper.

There are more sections to come in the near future, so please check back soon. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions (maybe a cool pic?), feel free to email me at And yes, there will be a links-page soon, so you won't be stuck here forever... :-)

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