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In this section you can review all messages that appeared on the main page.
This is also a kind of "history" of this website.

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Seasons greetings with the new pic of the week.

Merry Christmas to all Winds of Hoth-visitors and all of my friends out there.


Take a very special look at Princess Leia in this weeks pic of the week.


Some fantasy art from Keith Parkinson in the "picture of the week"-section: Greeting the Dawn


Just want to tell you that I'm not dead yet and just working on bringing you new pictures. :-)


Another cover artwork by Hugh Fleming: Episode I Collage is the new picture of the week. Enjoy!


See some concept art from "Return of the Jedi" as picture of the week: "Gamorrean Guard" by Joe Johnston.


Time for a new picture of the week... see "Nine Tongues and A Tear" by fantasy artist Luis Royo.


Done with the rest of the pages (About/Links). I removed some obsolete links and added a few new ones. If you are german and interested in Star Wars-books, be sure to check out Han Solo's Smugglers-Run. J├╝rgen has a lot of covers, descriptions and a timeline and is constantly expanding his website.

Hopefully I'll find some time next weekend to add new Pictures of the Week. Please check back on Monday!


Finished the "Picture of the Week"-Section. The whole picture archives are running on dynamic pages that are fed from a database now. Saves a lot of space. :D


Finished the news archive. All old messages from the homepage are available again, sorted by year.


After a looooong period of doing nothing I am back working on Winds of Hoth. Currently I am switching from static HTML-pages to dynamic, database-driven PHP-pages. If you can read this I am already done with the Homepage and am working on the pictures now.

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