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In this section you can review all messages that appeared on the main page.
This is also a kind of "history" of this website.

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It has been a very long time since I put the last fantasy-picture on this site, so I think it's about time for a new one... see "Chernevog" by Keith Parkinson as picture of the week.


Finally, I found some time to put a new picture of the week on this site. That little fellow is called Tek and has found his profession...obviously.


Seems like week 39 is the week for curiosities on WoH... after last years Pussy Catalogue, the pic of the week 39 for the year 2000 is Schuldlos verurteilt - see for yourself... :-)


I adjusted the free counter you can see on the lower right of this page to match my server logs. Apparently the counter doesn't count every said 1,051 people visited WoH during the last year, while my server logs stated that between February and August 2000 about 1,919 people visited these pages. Since in February the free counter showed some 300 visits, I adjusted it to read 2,200 visits - that should be more accurate than 1,051.


Winds of Hoth will be on hold for a while. That means: no new pics for the following weeks.


Very bad news: Demons Image Archive, one of the largest and best resources for high quality fantasy/science fiction-pictures on the net, was shut down by the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists (ASFA). After 5 years of presenting great artwork to the public the site was forced to shut down.

I can't understand why anybody cuts of free advertisement - no one who's interested in buying the prints from the artists will print out a letter-sized copy of any image that was jpg-ed and scaled down, and put that print-out in a frame and on the wall instead of buying the original print. I can't see that there's damage done by publishing previews of any image on the web - especially when you can find the very same pieces of art on the artists� official web site...

Anyway, since my policy is to ask the artists for permission before putting their work on my site, I hope that the Winds of Hoth will never be shut down by some organisation. And if you are one of those "unknown artists" I wasn't able to ask because I didn't know their names and/or email adresses, and don't want to see your art published on my site, please just send me a note and I'll remove your art at once.


You already noticed it - I wasn't able to put up a pic in time last week. Sorry about that.


Still a lot of boxes, still no clue what they contain... :-/


Since I'm currently moving, I had no time to bring up a new pic of the week last week. This week, there WILL be a new POTW, but not as usual on sunday but on monday (24 hours delay). The CDROM with the picture is somewhere in one of the boxes scattered around my new home... I got to find it somehow... Sorry for that. :-)


Did you ever wonder what Yoda was doing when he was an offspring? Well, rumor has it he was part of a gang of breakdancers downtown Nar Shaddar! You do not believe this? Then take a close look at the new "pic of the week", Hip Hop Yoda


As promised last week, there's a Star Wars-related picture in the "pic of the week"-section: Darth Maul in Battle by Hugh Fleming.


...and again something for all fantasy-lovers out there in our pic of the week-section: "Periwinkle" by Michael Whelan. Don�t worry, next week there will be some Star Wars again. :-)


People keep asking me for more fantasy pictures - well, here's another one in the "pic of the week"-section: Elfqueen of Shannara by Keith Parkinson. Hope you like it.


Guess what: Today is Yoda's birthday! Well, not THAT Yoda, actually, but Yoda900, webmaster of :-) Specially for him: the new pic of the week - Portrait of a Jedi Master. Happy birthday, Christiaan!


See one of the most touching moments in the Star Wars universe captured by artist Miran Kim in the actual picture of the week: "Turning Destiny".


Another week, another picture... after six weeks of fantasy and miscellaneous pics I felt it was time for some Star Wars again: X-Wings by Richard Edlund/Ralph MacQuarrie. Enjoy.


One of the best story tellers I ever came across is singer and songwriter Hansi Kürsch (Blind Guardian). See one of his stories through the eyes of artist Danny Miki in this week's "picture of the week": The Fiddler.


Worked on the links-page again...


Happy easter everyone! Now take a look at what happened to my easter-egg with the new pic of the week: Baby Dragon.


Have you already read every single Star Wars novel? Well, why don't you read some fanatsy books now? To wet your appetite, here's some cool cover art: "Dragon Fire" by Michael Whelan.


The Dark Lord himself gives us a visit in the actual pic of the week. Meet the impressive Darth Vader on his way to another mission... greetings to TK316, the biggest Vader-fan on this planet and trusty writer of guestbook-entries. :-)


There's a new pic of the week - something for all fans of dark fantasy art.


Another masterpiece from artist Dave Dorman in the picture of the week-section: Tales of the Jedi #3, featuring Nomi Sunrider. Enjoy!


Goodbye eXtreme-tracker... :-)


The new pic of the week is Jason Patton's "Trees Lounge". Thanks to Jason for the permission to use his art on my site. Click on the picture in the mirror to get more information on it.


Did you ever wonder why everyone seems to love Luke, Han, Leia, the droids, Vader and Boba Fett, but no one actually seems to think about Chewbacca? Well, here's a picture for all Wookie-fans out there - it's the new pic of the week. (Think about "classic" Star Wars without Chewie! It's impossible.)


Winds of Hoth just met its 500th visitor! (417 according to eXtreme tracker - but eXtreme tracker says I had no visitors during the last 7 days, which is not correct - it has definitely some serious bugs in counting. :-P ) Thanx to all my visitors. Well, maybe I'll do something special when I reach 1.000? :-)


A new week, a new picture: "Midwinter - Loss of Light". It's the front cover of the new 6-track-release from the german dark metal band. Check out their website


Meet the ultimate good and the ultimate evil in this week's picture of the week.


You created great Star Wars/Fantasy-art and want to see it published on the net? Send me your art, and if it's cool I'll make it the pic of the week!


Is it a Wampa? - Noooo! - Is it a Tauntaun? - Noooo! - Well, what is it? Find out - with the new picture of the week: "Ice Dragon" by Keith Parkinson!


Sorry, no pic of the week this week. Got too much work to do.


There's a one-time-special in the "pic of the week"-section: a video of the week! I tried to capture an interesting frame from a Diablo2-teaser-trailer, but those pictures have to be in motion to be really impressive. Be warned: the size of the animation is about 570K, but it's worth the wait! Well, somehow it fits: you have to wait for the game, too... (get this finished, Blizzard! :-) Have fun!


Take a trip to the "classic" Star Wars-saga with the new pic of the week.


I finished my first 3d-puzzle yesterday...since it looks pretty cool, I made it the new picture of the week.


This year starts with a fantastic pic of the week: "Cosmic Wizard" by Myles Pinkney. Fortunately, neither my personal computer nor this server fell victim to any Y2K-bugs, so the winds of hoth will continue to breeze... :-)

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