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In this section you can review all messages that appeared on the main page.
This is also a kind of "history" of this website.

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See a very funny pic this week: Tongue Rope. :-D


I am cured, so let's get back on track again with a new picture: A Time of Exile


Some nasty virus or bacteria hit me last weekend and still keeps me nailed on my bed for most of the day, preventing me from putting new pics on the site. Sorry about that, new pics will be available as soon as I'm cured. :P


See the four elemental forces bound by the secret of the Masterplan in this weeks picture. :-)


Enter the Mines of Moria with Gandalf and the Fellowship in this weeks picture.


Finally! Celebrate with me the start of the 2003 season with this weeks picture: Gungan Sub!


Still alive! :-) My pre-exams went pretty well so far and I finally found some time to prepare new pictures for you. The pictures of the week will continue next Monday, so be sure to check back!

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