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This site's purpose is to inform and entertain you, all those surfers out there. Since it is not very entertaining to wait some hours for that nice-to-view, but otherwise senseless gif-animation or shockwave-application to load, you won't find much "multimedia" on this site. Although I try to keep an eye on design, keeping loading times low and providing you with easy-to-find and easy-to-read information has absolute priority. If you want breathtaking multimedia design, please surf somewhere else. If you're into Star Wars and/or like high-quality fantasy and sci-fi pictures, this is your place to be.


To view these pages you'll need a browser that can handle Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Netscape Version 4 or higher, Internet Explorer 3+ and Opera 3.6+ will do. If your browser does not support style sheets, these pages will look pretty ugly, although you can still read everything and navigate through the pages.

These pages are best viewed using 1024x780 pixels or higher. 800x600 pixels will do as well, but there's a lot of scrolling necessary then... TrueColor (24/32 bit) is strongly recommended for the "pictures of the week".

JavaScript is not necessary to view this site. Although users with activated JavaScript will get a visual gimmick now and then, no important features need JavaScript to be activated. So, if you switched JavaScript off for security reasons, I respect this decision and won't force you to switch it on again in order to browse my pages.


You can use the blue captions on top of each page to navigate, they always link to the index-page of the section their name refers to. For example, the character "Winds of Hoth" links to the WoH homepage. At the bottom of each page, you'll find a backlink titled "go back". Now this is easy, isn't it? :-)


If you have something to say about this site, if you want to suggest something, please e-mail me. You can also take a look at my guestbook and see what other people have to say about my site - and write something yourself, too. And, please, no complaints about the way I rape your language (if you're a native english speaker, that is). I know my knowledge on this language is lousy, I do my best. If there are any major mistakes you want to see corrected... you know what to do, do you?

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