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Alright then, here's some info on the sections currently available.
Please note that there are more sections to come.

Pic of the week:

This section features pictures that are either stunning, awesome, interesting or give a big laugh... :-) You'll find lots of fantasy and science-fiction pictures here, certainly a lot of Star Wars-pics, but there may be other topics as well. Each sunday night I'll add a new picture. Old pics can be found in the picture archive.

You can see the actual "pic of the week" on the Winds of Hoth homepage. Simply click on the picture in the mirror to get a large version suitable as a desktop wallpaper - or whatever you want to do with it... If you have a nice pic that's worth to be called "pic of the week", don't hesitate, mail it.

Picture archive:

In this section you can find all the "pictures of the week", sorted in three categories: Star Wars, Fantasy and Miscellaneous. Click on a thumbnail to load the large version and get some more information on any particular image.

About this site:

The section you're currently reading. Here you can find general information on the site, its sections and the guy who made all this - me. Okay, actually you can't find information about me, but I'm working on this... ;)


Well, this is obvious, isn't it? If you want to see something else, try one of these hyperlinks! :-)

Future sections:

Just one section left - the main section, that will bring some content to this site...I don't want to give away too much, but I can tell you it will be a Star Wars-related section - of course! ;-) Time will tell if that's all, anyway.

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