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In this section you can review all messages that appeared on the main page.
This is also a kind of "history" of this website.

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Sorry that I can't provide new pictures at the moment - currently I am working really hard on my pre-exams. New pictures will be available as soon as I finished the second text and find some time to work on this site again, which will be mid-september, hopefully. Check back soon!


Step into a world of Fantasy with this weeks picture: Metalian.


The last of the four Epi2 collectors cards is now online: Poggle the Lesser.


See Count Dooku, Jango Fett and Zam Wesell on this weeks collectors card.


The second card (of four) is online: Obi-Wan and Mace Windu.


See the first pic of a 4-cards-mini-series on Winds of Hoth: Anakin and Padmé.


Something for the boys out there in the picture of the week-section: Neverwinter Nights Advertisment


See Boba Fett's Slave I as a picture of the week. And remember to visit Episode II another time while it is still shown at the theatre! :-)


Take another break from the Star Wars-universe with this weeks Fantasy-art: Druid Stone


An impressive pre-productional view on the Royal Palace at Theed is this weeks picture of the week.


The promised first piece of Episode II art can now be found in the "picture of the week"-section: AOTC-Comic-Collage #1


After 4 months without changes, there will finally be a new picture of the week online on Monday at midnight! So please check back next week to see the first Episode II-material on Winds of Hoth.


Welcome to the new year with a picture of the Only Hope-Crew.

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