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"Q-Marathon" by unknown
Source: Screenshot

Info: Where now, brown cow? This is a screenshot of Level 16 of the "Winter Edition"' of the game IQ-Marathon, where you need to lead the gray cow to the prize using the brown cow and various gadgets like keys and switches. Why I made this a picture of the week is because I think the arrows needed to put that ice block as a bridge between the ramps look really... well. chaotic? :-D Plus, I like the game, so this is a nice opportunity to point you to The Q-Lympic Flash Game to try it out yourself. A full version of the game is available in (german) stores.


Note: You may use this picture as a desktop wallpaper. It's sized to fit the screen at 1280x1024 pixels resolution. If you are using smaller screen sizes, please resize the picture using your favourite graphics program. To save the picture to your harddisk, press the right mouse button and choose "Save image as...".

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