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"Chernevog" by Keith Parkinson
Source: Demon's Image Archive

Info: This painting was done as a cover for the book "Chernevog", written by C. J. Cherryh. This is what Keith Parkinson says about the painting on his website "I feel this is one of my best paintings. The entire story revolved around the heart of the man pictured lying on the stone. Consequently, all the visual elements of the picture lead the viewer's eye to the man's heart. Even the logs in the foreground, though they create a rhythm leading up to the tree, upon closer inspection also point directly to the man's heart."


Note: You may use this picture as a desktop wallpaper. It's sized to fit the screen at 1280x1024 pixels resolution. If you are using smaller screen sizes, please resize the picture using your favourite graphics program. To save the picture to your harddisk, press the right mouse button and choose "Save image as...".

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