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"Schuldlos verurteilt" by Heinz Giebeler
Source: Die Bibel im Bild, Band 13

Info: Many people asked me to put this one on WoH - well, here we go. This is the book of books, the story of mankind, yes: it is the holy bible - adapted as a comic book! Yes, that's right, this is a bible-comic-strip... issued by the "Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft Stuttgart". The picture below is the front page of issue 13 - "condemned without being guilty - Jesus Christ's way to the cross". I'm not sure about which audience they intended to reach with this, but it's a curiosity worth to be presented on this website. :-)

Greetings go to the recently formed "Brotherhood Of Condemned Who Weren't Guilty". May the hull of the Lumpy Bantha resist...

Schuldlos verurteilt

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