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"Portrait of a Jedi Master" by Vince Locke
Source: Star Wars Galaxy Trading Card #360

Info: Another painting that was done for the "Star Wars Galaxy" Trading-card series... on the back of the card there's the following information: "Portrait of a Jedi Master: the mysterious and enigmatic Yoda is among the most popular of the Star Wars characters. Where does he come from? Is he one of a kind or are there others of his species elsewhere in the galaxy? (The latter question has been answered in Episode One: The Phantom Menace - yes, there are :-)

These and other questions intrigued illustrator Vince Locke, who felled compelled to render the elf-like entity for this Galaxy card. Just recently (1995), Locke illustrated a number of scenes from Star Wars: Children of the Jedi, which appeared in issue #3 of Star Wars Galaxy Magazine. He is also the creator of Deadworld, and a collection of Locke's work, Visions, is available from Caliber Press.

Portrait of a Jedi Master

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