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"Tales of the Jedi #3" by Dave Dorman
Source: Star Wars - The Art of Dave Dorman (book)

Info: This painting was on the front cover of the comic book "Tales of the Jedi" Issue 3. Read what the artist has to say about this picture:

"This story introduced Nomi Sunrider, a farm wife whose husband was a Jedi Knight in training killed at a spaceport. The obvious choice would have been to do an action scene as Nomi avenges her husbands death with the lightsaber, foreshadowing her own journey into Jedi Knighthood. But I chose to do a more introspective piece with Nomi captured in a state of uncertainty. This is an instance where editorial gave into my wishes and let me do it my way. It may not be an action-filled scene, but it works."

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Tales of the Jedi #3

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