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"Trees Lounge" by Jason Passons
Source: Jason's Website

Info: Read what the artist has to say about this picture: "I don't know why I named this one Trees Lounge. I guess because I was asked for a name and didn't have one. Recently I started really liking the art of Rodney Matthews. He does this type of fantasy art. I had this basic idea long before I even heard of him though but the opossum was influenced by him.

Basically I had this idea of a house carved into a patch of dirt hanging in the air with a tree growing on top of it and roots growing down into the doorway. Looking back at my old description I realized I got it wrong, but I still like this one. I originally did 2 other small creatures to go along with the opossum. I didn't have room where I was going to put them so they're not here, but if you look carefully at the 2nd floor window, you can see the shadow of one of them. The sign above the door says 'O. Possum'.

There really isn't alot to it and it only took me a few days to finish. I drew the outline to the tree with the paintbrush in Photoshop, planning on doing the entire thing freehand in it. I realized I needed some help getting the windows and some of the details put in so I printed out the tree outline, drew some details on it, scanned that, and took it from there."

Trees Lounge

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