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"Metalian" by Markus Meyer
Source: Metalian-comic

Info: This painting shows the 'Metalian', a superhero invented by the band 'Metalium'. He was just an ordinary metal-fan until he drank the chrome liquid known as 'Metalium' and became a hero to fight for his music. This painting shows him just after he drank the fluid and stepped trough the circle of fate, which can be seen in the background.

If you like this painting, please visit Markus' homepage to see some more of his great art!


Note: You may use this picture as a desktop wallpaper. It's sized to fit the screen at 1280x1024 pixels resolution. If you are using smaller screen sizes, please resize the picture using your favourite graphics program. To save the picture to your harddisk, press the right mouse button and choose "Save image as...".

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