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"Camelot Castle" by erm...Hasbro?
Source: 3D-Puzzle

Info: My parents bought me a 3D-puzzle as a present last christmas. They know that I like fantasy and middle-age topics, so they chose this one: Camelot! I build it, and it looks really awesome! Unfortunatly, on pictures it looks not as breathtaking as it does in reality, but anyway, to show you all how cool those 3D-puzzles are, I photographed the finished puzzle. Here it is. :-)

3D-puzzles use special tiles with foam on their back to conquer the third dimension. There are many buildings and vehicles available, including an R2-D2 with electronic sounds and a fully functional clock. It's very addictive to build them, and the finished puzzles make a great decoration to put on your shelves and tables. Go and try it! (No, I do not getting paid for saying this :-)

Camelot Castle

Note: You may use this picture as a desktop wallpaper. It's sized to fit the screen at 1280x1024 pixels resolution. If you are using smaller screen sizes, please resize the picture using your favourite graphics program. To save the picture to your harddisk, press the right mouse button and choose "Save image as...".

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